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DealAngel Gets All Trendy

Propeller Island Hotel, Berlin. Très trendy.

In our last episode, we told you about our API (eh-pee-eye), and how it helps other sites benefit from the DealAngel ratings. Pretty cool stuff. But kinda geeky. Today I’m going to tell you about something much cooler, trendy, even.

You know how when you go on a hotel booking site and you check some rates, then ask yourself “Hmm, I wonder if I should wait a few days for the rate to drop… “. After a few days you check back. Maybe you guessed right and the rates are now lower. Or maybe they’re not and your stay just got pricier. And you feel a bit like you just ripped yourself off… Not fun.

This sort of room rate roulette may be exciting for some, but it’s not really necessary. Room prices for future arrival days generally follow a trend, as the hotels collectively inch their way toward the sweet pricing spot. And DealAngel is collecting all these prices on a daily basis, so we can see where the market is going. And now, so can you.

Introducing… DealAngel Trends & Alerts. There’s an article on this on TheNextWeb, but let me give you a de-geekified version of how it works: When you search for an arrival date up to 120 days into the future, you will see a widget (geek-speak for a cool little mini-application embedded in a website). This widget has 3 basic states: prices going up, prices going down, and prices stable. There are further gradients to this, ie prices climbing steeply, or dropping steeply, but you get the idea. Anyway, you will see right away where the market’s headed. Want more info to back it up? Just mouse over the widget and it grows to show you the historical price trend line.

Of course, if you picked a date where rates are going up steadily, it’s pretty much a no-brainer. Book now, or suffer the wrath of the hotel pricing gods. But if the prices are dropping… DealAngel gets all angelic on your search and allows you to put in your email so we can alert you when the rates flatten out. Set and forget.

Who else does this? No one else does this. Why? We think its because sometimes we actually tell you you’re best off NOT to book, and most websites think that’s unconstitutional. Or not greedy enough. Anyway, we hope you like it. Let us know if you do. Like us on Facebook, Twit a Tweeter, or perhaps even book a room. But only when the time is right.

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