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DealAngel launches an API: Travel websites will never be the same again.

Today we announced some pretty exciting news on Techcrunch, THE publication for techies: The DealAngel goodness that powers our own site and helps hotel bookers separate the deals from the ‘anti-deals’ is now being made available to other sites via an API aka Application Programming Interface.

Whats an API? Pronounced eh-pee-eye, its basically geek-speak for a ‘door’ into the DealAngel data. Why should you care? Well, it now means that your other favorite travel sites can also check how any of their hotel offers compare to the DealAngel ‘fair market rate’. They also benefit from DealAngel’s color-coded ‘heat map’ calendar, which helps you see which dates have the best offers for a particular destination, and which dates you are better off avoiding. Its similar to the way you can find TripAdvisor hotel ratings on websites other than just TripAdvisor. We’re spreading the love, in other words.

Here’s a basic lowdown on how it works: Lets say I go to my (second) favorite hotel site, (no, there really is nothing more than a logo there). I search for hotels in New Orleans for next weekend, because there have GOT to be some bargains there now that the Mardibowl excitement is over. Hootel sends DealAngel all the rates it’s found for its hotels on the day I have chosen via the DealAngel API, and DealAngel gives its verdict for each in the form of DealAngel ratings. So, even when you aren’t on DealAngel, you have a guardian (deal) angel watching over you making sure you get the best value offers out there, and don’t book a hotel for more than its worth. Cool, eh?

Want to see it in action? Our first implementation is already live with Gogobot (also a cool site). Go to say–hotels and click on the calendar box. Its ours! And the DealAngel rating is also available when you go into the hotel details view.

And this is just the start. We plan to be showing up on a lot more sites soon. Know a hotel site that would benefit from DealAngel? Let us know. And let them know they need us. In the meanwhile, stay tuned, as we will have some more exciting news to share again soon. And remember, LOOK before you BOOK!

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